There’s nothing like connecting with the lovely quilting ladies of the North Jersey MQG to light a little fire under my pedal foot. I always come away so inspired and motivated to try… Continue reading

Odds and ends

I’m working on finishing a few little things so that I can really dive into some big ones. One more quilting sample: Hand-sewing the back of the binding for the blue ombre quilt:… Continue reading

Why I quilt

When my younger son turned one about a year and a half ago, I felt the itch to do something more. Being home with two toddler boys had its rewarding moments, but every… Continue reading

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Free motion fun

I was so nervous before yesterday’s class, my first time teaching. It was a workshop for members of the Newbees group to try out a curriculum for free motion quilting, something that I… Continue reading

Leaves, florals and true fabric love

On Tuesday morning, I buckled down and straight-line quilted the blue ombre. This is a sample for Rock Paper Scissors, so the lovely Beth chose the backing fabric. It’s not one that I… Continue reading

Weekend update

This weekend I got a good amount of quilting done. I took the squares I cut last week and finished the quilt top for the third and final ombre quilt for Rock Paper… Continue reading

On teaching and learning

I love teaching, but I think I might love learning more. It’s even better when I can learn while teaching. A long time ago, I taught ballet and tap to four-year-olds. It was… Continue reading

Cutting it.

Repetitive cutting is by far my least favorite part of the quilting process. Errors are irreversible and if you want to do it well, you have to really take your time and line… Continue reading