4.26.13 Quilts, kids and rock ‘n’ roll

Quilts My favorite quilt on the internet this week is Diamond Derby, which I found in the Fresh Modern Quilts group on Flickr. I love me some orange and teal. Also, I made… Continue reading

My week so far

I haven’t had much time (or subject matter) for blog posts this week, but I wanted to pop up and say hello. The Beginning Quilting class I’m teaching next week at Rock Paper… Continue reading

Quilts, kids and rock ‘n’ roll

I made that my Twitter bio to make my life seem a little cooler than it really is, but I realized that this is a pretty accurate description of my daily life. I… Continue reading

Color therapy

With so much bad news in the world, it’s hard to write about quilting. But these are the things that help us move on from tragedy, that help raise spirits with beauty and… Continue reading

Organizing and regrouping

I finished quilting a commission today and will be binding it this week, so I don’t have a ton of photos of work. It’s also already been an emotionally exhausting week and it’s… Continue reading

The first quilt

The first quilt you make should be made with fabric you love. It should be full of very valuable mistakes (that only you can see). It shouldn’t be too big. It is your… Continue reading

A little update

The top of the Garland quilt is done! It’s wrinkled, but it’s done. It finished at a massive 60″x80″. It’s going to be perfect for a couch throw. I picked out backing fabric… Continue reading


The last quilt of my ombre trio (inspiration here) is done (Pinkscape is here, Greenscape is here). Pinkscape and Greenscape were each free motion quilted, so Bluescape got a little straight-line love. I… Continue reading

On planning and positioning

Like I’ve written here before, I had a lot of fun teaching free motion quilting (FMQ) at Rock Paper Scissors a few weeks ago. We went over the mechanics of it, practicing as… Continue reading