I will be teaching at Quiltcon Together, a virtual event, in February 2021.

Quilt With a Cue

Quilt With a Cue – Students will be given a creative prompt that they will use as a cue for a small new design or improvisation. At the end of class we will show and share process and see how many different interpretations can come from the same source.

Improv Quilt Adventure

Quilt Improv Adventure – Taught in partnership with Anne Sullivan, this improvisational class provides an overall story experience and provides a series of quest-like challenges for the students to work through together or individually. Each game-like challenge provides story and structure to support the creation of an improvisational block using methods from popular role-playing games. Each student will create different blocks based on how they approach the challenge. Beyond the results of this class, we will discuss design interactions and relationships between different fabrics for use in future improv projects.

Improv Through Many Eyes (Panel alongside Chawne Kimber, Yvonne Fuchs, Anne Sullivan, Melanie Tuazon) – Four improvisers talk about their process.

For information and registration, view the catalog here.